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The Telesco Leadership Group Team 

Thomas Telesco
Founder and Principal
Tonya Spence Telesco
Founder and Principal

At Telesco Leadership Group, we’ve helped organizations unlock deep reservoirs of untapped potential in their teams and watched them grow from their effort. 


Telesco Leadership Group has quickly become a trusted name in leadership and personal development. Founded by Tom and Tonya Telesco, Telesco Leadership Group helps leaders clarify opportunities to expand and grow their team culture and cohesiveness. And the results are incredible. Many organizations have reported doubling and tripling team engagement while up-leveling individual performance. How? With the proven systems and tested content from leadership expert John C. Maxwell and the “DISC - Model of Human Behavior.".

Our team will consult with leaders to help them identify opportunities for growth and create a strategy that works. Telesco Leadership Group can support your team with immersive trainings, ongoing consultations, and revisiting your goals, milestones and metrics. We will help you learn our framework, and identify your team members strengths in a unique way to solidify your leadership foundation.


We customize the exact programs and delivery methods necessary for each level of your team. You will see greater team cohesiveness once you start executing the plan.


This process will give you a return on your investment for years to come.


But only if you do it right. Telesco Leadership Group will help you do it right.


To explore becoming a Telesco Leadership Group client: 

    1. Call let’s talk - We’re here to serve you and your team

    2. Schedule a listening session - Tell us what your goals and objectives are

    3. Create Your Success Roadmap - Because plans accelerate results


Contact us today and let’s take the next step to reach your objectives. 

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